Flachau: A year-round outdoor destination!

Flachau year-round outdoor

Flachau in summer? Oh YES!

Flachau is well-known as a skiing area in the heart of Ski Amadé and that’s exactly what we knew it for. We’ve been skiing in Flachau about two years ago and many people have been to one or the other slope at Snow Space Flachau as we were. We loved the close connection to Munich (It’s a mere two hours drive via german A8 and austrian A10 via Tauern highway) and the fact that it’s easily accesible even when it’s snowing, but haven’t visited in summer so far.

When Salzburger Land asked us if we would be interested in spending a summer weekend hiking, biking and exploring the Flachau region, we didn’t think twice – and here is what we found! 🙂

Wanderlust Flachau
Flachau: So much Wanderlust…<3

There are many summer outdoor activities in and around Flachau which include endless hiking, trailrunning and mountainbiking trails as well as many different fun sports, rafting, canyoning and climbing.

It’s easy to choose for us: We want to spend one day hiking and the other biking! 🙂

Mountainbike Flachau Salzburger Land
Mountainbiking above Flachau

Hiking to Lackenkogel

Our first day in Flachau starts early: We want to hike up Faulkogel, a mountain also called “Flachauer Matterhorn” due to its shape and autonomy. We want to traverse the mountain from Flachauwinkl, the end of the Enns valley, via Ursprungalm, Franz-Fischer-Hütte and Neukarsee which is supposed to be a 10-12 hours hike. We start at the end of beautiful and secluded Flachauwinkl, a small valley that becomes narrow and more narrow before the dirt road ends in winding serpentines at a little hut. We manage to climb around 500 meters in altitude when we get stuck in fog in a big landslide.

We try to maneuver our way around the slide and through thick mountain pines, but can’t find a way to get to the other side where the old track continues up the hill. We are forced to turn around, but get rewarded with the first rays of sun during our time in Flachau. The valley is green and lush and pretty and thanks to the moderate weather we can enjoy pure silence and fresh air in the last morning hours of the day.

Faulkogel Wanderung
Heading back down from Faulkogel

Thanks to prior planning we already have a replacement at hand: We will hike up Lackenkogel instead, a less high but not less pretty mountain right above Flachau!

Start of the hike is either in Flachau or you can also bike, hike or take a car/taxi up to Berggasthof Sattelbauer, where the paved road ends and the trail starts straight into the woods. From here it’s a 750 vertical meters climb via a forest trail, passing the Lackenalmen and a little mountain lake (from where you have excellent views of Faulkogel actually :-)) and another steeper and playful trail to 2051m high Lackenkogel.

mountain lake Flachau
It`s SUMMER in Flachau!
Lackenalm Flachau youarenadventurestory
Fun times @ Flachau! 🙂

The views from the topof Lackenkogel over Salzburger Land in all directions is sooo beautiful and we can really recommend this hike, even for not-so-experienced hikers. It’s a clearly marked trail which is never too steep or exposed and with Sattelbauer and Lackenalmen it has two really good places for a break, cold drinks or some delicious food.

Biking around Flachau

Our second day starts a lot later and more sunny. We want to go mountainbiking and therefore booked a guide from Skischule fun & sports Flachau to show us some local trails and treats. 🙂

Since we loved the Sattelbauer place so much yesterday and aren’t really fit and trained on bikes currently, we decide to bike up to Sattelbauer again, but on a different route/unpaved track.

Flachau biking mountainbiking
Mountainbiking from Flachau to Sattelbauer Berggasthof

The dirt road is slowly winding up the hill, is never to steep for us and offers great views of the surrounding valleys – exactly what we asked for!

Although we feel our glutes and lungs, it’s great to be back on bikes and to enjoy the beautiful scenery a little faster and “faster changing” than on foot. 🙂

Mountainbike fahren Flachau
Made it to Sattelbauer by bike!

After 700m of altitude climb we once again enjoy the scenery from Sattelbauer, before quickly rolling down to the Enns riverside from where we have an easy 17km back to Flachau – but the day is not over yet!

When we think we’re on our way back to the hotel, our guide has other plans: We stop by at the entrance of Flachau, where a big translucent ball is waiting for us. We surprisingly gonna try one of many fun sports Flachau has on offer, Zorbing! 🙂

It’s basically rolling down a hill in a big inflattable ball – and it’s maybe one of the most fun thins ever! We are now officially certified Zorbonauts, which is an awesome ending of a great weekend. 🙂

Flachau didn’t disappoint and we had a memorable and very versatile weekend. From more serious mountain adventures with the summits around Faulkogel and Liebeseck, countless familiy-suitable hikes and flowy mountainbike trails to unexpectedly funny new sports, it has it all.

Thanks so much at Flachau and Salzburger Land for the invitation, the great ideas and high flexibility – we would love to return anytime sooner or later! 🙂

Zorbing Flachau adventurestory

In friendly cooperation with Salzburger Land Tourism. More information: www.flachau.com – thank you!


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