Hiking/Mountain Climbing

Wanderung Gehrenspitze

Gehrenspitze from Leutasch & the Leutascherhof Biohotel

Leutasch: The heart of the Wetterstein mountain range The Wetterstein is an iconic and very well known mountain range that stretches from Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Germany to the olympic wintersport venue Seefeld in Tyrol and it’s highest point, the 2962m high Zugspitze is Germany’s highest and most well known mountain. Leutasch however is a mere 2500 inhabitants strong municipity in the…
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Gipfelkreuz Hochkönig Adventure Story

Königsjodler Klettersteig: D-Via Ferrata at Hochkönig

Königsjodler: A mountain climber’s legend! 🙂 The Via Ferrata “Königsjodler” is the longest Ferrata in the Austrian state Salzburg and supposed to be one of the most difficult Ferratas in the Eastern Alps due to it’s length and exposure. It consists of 1700 climbing meters up to difficulty grade D and ends a mere 30 minute hike from the summit…
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Youareanadventurestory Speedtrail Hochkönigman

Hochkönigman Speedtrail 2017

Same fun, different year: Hochkönigman 2017 When we participated at the Hochkönigman Trailrunning Festival for the first time in 2016, we knew we would definitely return – AND WE DID: In our first year we ran the Marathontrail and had a blast on our very first marathon distance and in 2017 we took the Speedtrail challenge in preparation for our…
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Youarenadventurestory hiking Nationalparks Austria

#wanderlust: Hiking in Austria’s Nationalparks

Nationalparks Austria: Protecting the natural heritage …HIKING: We love it, we do it a lot – and – we do it a lot IN AUSTRIA! 🙂 Not only because the austrian border is so close to Munich, but rather because we simply love Austria in all it`s facets. The food, the people and the lifestyle, but above all the natural…
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View Salzburg Berchtesgaden Hochstaufen

Pidinger Klettersteig: D – Via Ferrata at Hochstaufen

Pidinger Klettersteig: A Via Ferrata”classic” The Pidinger Klettersteig is a very popular and well-known, more extreme Via Ferrata leading 1300hm in total up to the summit of the Hochstaufen (1771m), a mountain with panoramique views in the Berchtesgadener Alps. It’s difficulty scales up to D and in some sections it is exposed, but almost everywhere well secured and easily to…
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Dorfertal trailrunning running

Grossglockner Ultratrail 2016

Grossglockner Ultratrail: Spontaneity at it’s best! 🙂 Trailrunning and running in general is one of our hobbies ever since and comes hand in hand with our passion for Obstacle Racing, but we just started participating in official trailrunning events in 2016. After our spontanous “first try” with the 25k Trail Half-marathon at Innsbruck Alpine Trailrun Festival in May, we immediately…
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Campfire camping youareanadventurestory

Never Stop Munich: The North Face 5-to-9 Hike

Never Stop Munich goes after-work! Since March 2016, The North Face arranges weekly cost-free training sessions for mountain athletes in many big cities worldwide. We are part of the Never Stop Munich community since their Opening Event and as some may know, we are testimonials for the German Mountain Athletics programm. 🙂 When we got the invitation to join a…
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