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Proud to have Sporthaus Schuster München as a main partner!

We are proud to have strong partners supporting us and our adventures and are always interested in inspiring co-operations and experiences.

Our focus are mountain- and outdoor-based, sportive adventures and we are always willing to travel to new and unknown countries or regions, meet new brands and create new ideas. Whether you are a destination/tourism board, a travel or adventure company, property, or brand/product, maybe we can help you spread the word! 🙂

Things we can do for you include:

  • Reviews of tours/adventures and hotels within an adventurous context
  • Individual worldwide trips, excursions and media visits
  • Authentic content creation (written in German and English, pictured, filmed) for Social Media etc.
  • Sponsored blogposts with appropriate identification
  • External blogging on your website
  • Raffles
Please note that we DON’T do product tests. Thank you! 🙂

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Work with us

For more information on our reach, demographics and what we can bring to a project, please ↓CONTACT US↓ via the form below. 🙂