Our story

Who are we?

YOU ARE AN ADVENTURE STORY are Magdalena and Anja, two like-minded Bavarian girls from Munich who decided to follow their dreams and adventure the world together. We are both ordinary, regularly working people with random jobs and want to inspire and encourage “normal” people to live an active and precious life and to go out there and chase their dreams!

“Maybe it`s not about the destination, maybe it`s about the journey!”

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Why a website?

We get numerous requests, messages and comments from people while traveling and adventuring together and get asked about our story, where we`re coming from and where we`re going next. People who are either interested in how we combine our love to travel/adventure with work, how we can afford our trips or if we have a personal blog or website the can follow along with.

That`s why we finally decided to set up “You Are An Adventure Story” with the start of our Kilimanjaro climb in December 2015. Come and follow us on our adventures…

“Maybe it`s not about the happy ending, maybe it`s about the story?”

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How we met?

“Souls recognize each other by vibes, not by appearance!”

We met in spring 2014,  more precisely on Saturday, the 12th of April, on a videoshoot for an outdoorsports company in the English Garden in Munich and instantly had a somehow special connection!

We met twice after our first get-together, and the third time was with packed bags at Munich mainstation to catch a train to Oberstdorf to cross the Alps together!

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How we adventure?

“Do it now! Sometimes later becomes never!”

The most frequent question is “How dou afford all your adventures?”, “Are you on ongoing holidays?” or “Did you marry rich?”. None of these!

We just adapted our regular life to fit in all the amazing things we want to do and see…soon we will try to give you some insights in our way of traveling!