The Brown

“If you never try, you`ll never know…!”

Hi! I`m Maggy (actually Magdalena), a former veterinary medicine student currently working in HR, who always had a strong desire to travel and a sense for adventures but never an exact idea or plan what to do with my life…

Everything that happened till now was completely unexpected and as I think based on a lot of luck and maybe some fortunately right decisions I luckily made.

Maldives girl bikini
Roaming on the Maldives

Since I left home at the age of 15, I had to work as early as alongside grammar school to keep myself going. Thanks to the selfless and gorgeous family of my then-boyfriend I was able to continue and finish my school career. This was the time I figured out that nature (during this time mainly horseback riding, trailrunning and snowboarding) helps me to forget problems and focus on the good things life has to offer. So I started to explore at first my direct surroundings and later all the countries I could travel to while still being underage.

Sonnwendjoch top mountains
On top of the “Hinteres Sonnwendjoch” – boarder of Austrian and German Alps

After passing my A-Levels in my hometown Würzburg in Lower Franconia, I unexpectedly got accepted for studies of veterinary medicine at the university of Munich. As I am an animal lover ever since and at this time of my life was quite big into horseriding (and as I had no better idea what else to do), that seemed to be a good idea. During my time at university I had the great luck to get supported by a scholarship for students abroad (one of the few good things you can aplly for if there is no financial support from your family) and therefore had the opportunity to do externships in horse clinics in South Africa, the UK and all over the US. I saw quite a lot of the world during this time and there are a few people left I am proud to still call real friends.

Manuel Antonio Costa Rica
Beautiful Manuel Antonio Nationalpark I Costa Rica

When graduating vetschool I one again had no idea where to go or what to do. I sold my car and basically everything I had, moved out of my flat share and spent my last money on a one-way ticket to Namibia to work as a horse trainer and wildlife vet and with the plan to never come back. As always it turned out quite unlike as planned. A former working colleague from one of my sidejobs during university and meanwhile very good friend of mine visited me for holidays and hired me to work in her own, newly founded company. As I returned to Germany I was totally broke and had to move in her appartement together with her boyfriend and had a hell of a time till I found another shared flat. 😀

Namibia namib desert dune 45
Maggy in Namibia – Dune 45, Namib Desert

And this is where I am still at – I have a regular and ordinary job with normal leave entitlements and a “normal” salary. I wrote my doctoral thesis extra-occupational, in my freetime. No tricks, no hidden bank accounts or ongoing cashflows, just the big will to see the world is what takes me to all those adventures!

Since I “properly” started working, I traveled to many exciting countries – to name a few I liked a lot there were Madagascar, Costa Rica, Australia and the Maldives. But most of the time I spent in the German and Austrian Alps as they are so close to Munich and easy to get too for even just a few hours. I started Hiking/Mountain Climbing when in Munich and quickly got passionate about those things. Since I know Anja, I am also into Obstacle Racing (OCR) and since last year I started Bouldering/Rock Climbing as well. One long-desired dream, to get my diving-licence, accomplished last winter in Egypt.

Watzmann view alps
View of the Alps from the Watzmann

THE TIME IS NOW! You write the story of your life, anybody else. It is your choice what you pursue.. only yours!