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Roadtrippin’ adventures with like2drive

Driving around always was and still is a big part of our lifes since we’re climbing mountains all around the world, but mainly in the Alps more or less close to our hometown Munich. 🙂

Those of us that follow us for longer already may still know “Outdoor-Audi”, our partner in crime the last four years who had a mere 300.000km on the engine in early 2018, so we had to somehow start to look around for a replacement (even it almost broke our heart…). Outdoor-Audi started to get more and more weak and the more miles we drove, the more little and bigger problems came up. We looked at many different options for a new car, checked all the leasing offers and second-hand vehicles, but as our lifes are moving and changing very fast, long-term planning is very difficult and we didn’t want to commit for two years or even longer to get a cheap rate and be stuck with a car that maybe won’t fit our needs in 2020 anymore. Also we didn’t have enough money saved for a new car or a financing with a high initial and final rate and when we basically thought we would have to buy a cheap older car (again), we stumbled over like2drive.

like2drive car abo carefree
No worries, be happy! <3 #like2drive

like2drive is different from all the classic leasing companys and offers all-inclusive auto abos where the only thing you still have to do is fill up gas – literally! For a monthly rate starting as low as 259,- EUR (September 2018, subject to change) you get a car for a minimum of 12 months which is already insured, licensed and has all-weather tyres and the only thing you have to do is pick it up – didn’t sound bad to us, so we gave it a try…

The carefree all-inclusive auto abo!

After some discussions we have to make a decision – from the like2drive website we have to pick a car, which is basically made really easy as all the features are clearly shown. It definitely has to have more space than Outdoor-Audi since he really got cramped with all our gear and to take a third or even fourth person with us on tour was always a challenge, but it also has to be agile and reversible enough for driving around through central Munich. It comes down to three car brands and we decide to choose a grey SEAT Leon ST FR with a slightly bigger engine than our Audi has had (to add some fun :-)). The rate for the Seat is 349,- EUR per month for twelve months and we don’t have to pay any inital or final rate, so the process is quite easy even for people who have no experiences with car leasing or financing.

Our like2drive Seat dealer is in Berlin and since Maggy had something to do there anyway, it was an easy detour to pick our brand new road partner up directly from the showroom. We  could also have had the car delivered to Munich!

The pick-up process was smooth and easy. It literally took only one signature before the car dealer handled the keys over and after a short check you are already good to go.

like2drive Neuwagen leasen
Siggi’s first time in the Dolomites

“Siggi the Outdoor-Seat” 🙂 is as grey as the mountains he’s facing most of the time and didn’t have a long time to get “ready” – right after his first ride from Berlin to Munich he was fully in charge with driving us around the Bavarian, Austrian and also Italian Alps. 🙂 For us almost every weekend is a small roadtrip and so the kilometres add up quite quickly. Good that all maintainance services are included in the price and there is just one help-line in case of accidents, breakdowns or insurance claims.

One of the longer trips Siggi did so far was going to the Dolomites and explore this sheer endless collection of serpentine roads, majestic mountain massives and parking spots with a view…

Drive more, worry less 🙂

Three months with Siggi are already gone and we have so far visited the Dolomites with Val di Fiemme and Val di Fassa, Passo Pordoi, Sella, the Brenta and Latemar group, Marmolada, Dachstein mountain range, Flachau, the Oetz valley, Zillertal, the Zugspitz region and almost the whole bavaran pre-alps and alps area and a lot more – and there is a lot more to come! After 12 months a return or change of the car is envisaged, but let’s see if we then want to give him back.. 😉

Thanks so much at like2drive – we love Siggi and are looking forward to even more adventures the next months! <3

#like2drive car leasing free
Fellin’ free on the road!

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