Youareanadventurestory Speedtrail Hochkönigman

Hochkönigman Speedtrail 2017

Same fun, different year: Hochkönigman 2017 When we participated at the Hochkönigman Trailrunning Festival for the first time in 2016, we knew we would definitely return – AND WE DID: In our first year we ran the Marathontrail and had a blast on our very first marathon distance and in 2017 we took the Speedtrail challenge in preparation for our…
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Spartan Trifecta Oberndorf 2016 medal

Spartan Race Trifecta Oberndorf/Tirol 2016

Spartan Race Trifecta Tirol: Another hell of an idea 😉 After successfully finishing the Spartan Ultra Beast Hawai’i in August this year, we were quite curageous to try to earn our second Spartan Trifecta 2016 by completing all three distances on one weekend: the SPARTAN RACE TRIFECTA WEEKEND in OBERNDORF (TIROL) on 10th/11th August 2016. We already participated in this…
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youareanadventurestory Spartan Ultra Beast Race

Spartan Ultra Beast Hawai’i 2016

Spartan Ultra Beast Hawai’i: One hell of an idea 😉 When a friend of us signed us up for the Spartan Race ULTRA BEAST distance in Hawai’i for August 2016, we were currently climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and had no clou what was happening… We ran the Sprint, Super and Beast distances a couple of times and are meanwhile comfortable with…
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Dorfertal trailrunning running

Grossglockner Ultratrail 2016

Grossglockner Ultratrail: Spontaneity at it’s best! 🙂 Trailrunning and running in general is one of our hobbies ever since and comes hand in hand with our passion for Obstacle Racing, but we just started participating in official trailrunning events in 2016. After our spontanous “first try” with the 25k Trail Half-marathon at Innsbruck Alpine Trailrun Festival in May, we immediately…
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Dienten Hochkönig Trailrun

Hochkönigman Marathontrail 2016

Hochkönigman Marathontrail: From “0” to 48K! If you would’ve asked us at the beginning of 2016, whether we would be running more than a marathon distance plus over 2500 height meters on trails in less than six months, we would’ve fliped you the bird… But after the great experience with the Trail Half-marathon at Innsbruck Alpine Trailrunning Festival in April,…
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Youareanadventurestory Trailrun Festival innsbruck Alpine

Innsbruck Alpine Trailrun Festival 2016

The Innsbruck Alpine Trailrun Festival is a trailrunning event taking place in and above the beautiful Inntal Valley in Northern Tyrol and marks the beginning of the Trailrunning Season in the Alps. For the upcoming Spartan Race Ultra Beast in Hawai’i in August, the 25K Trail Half-marathon seemed to be a pretty good training, so we signed up last minute for the 30th of April… 🙂 The festival took place at the courtyard of the Innsbrucker Landestheater, where a specially built “Trail-City” with a Trailrunning Expo welcomed more than 900 runners in front of an amazing backdrop-mix of mountains and city.
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Color Obstacle Rush

Color Obstacle Rush Munich 2016

Color Obstacle Rush: A colorful funrun! When we heard that 2016 a new obstacle race series is coming to Germany, our ears perked up! We have attended a lot of Obstacle Racing and Running Events so far, but the Color Obstacle Rush seemed to be something special: A 5k funrun event, where the obctacles are all inflatable and with different…
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You are an Adventure Story Trailrunning mERAN

Trailrunning around Meran/Naturns

Meraner Land – an Alpine-Mediterranean Mountain Mix 🙂 2016’s Easter Escape to South Tyrol was an adventure-filled week of Snowshoeing, Climbing and Hiking – aaaand TRAILRUNNING! Staying close to the beautiful town of Meran, the original plan was to go for a MTB-tour which the area is quite famous for. But due to some minor injury of Maggy, we had…
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outdoor training mountains

Mountain Athletics: The North Face Outdoor Training in Munich

Mountain Athletics Opening Event in Munich When we heard that The North Face was launching a free weekly outdoor training especially designed for mountaineers and alpinists, we didn’t think twice. This App-supported workout program seemed to be the perfect preparation for one of our big projects in 2016, the Seven European Summits. On Monday the 7th of March 2016, the…
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