Spartan Race Trifecta 2015

Spartan Race Trifecta OCR

Below is our Spartan Race Trifecta Journey in 2015! :) ↓

What`s next?

Guess, what we did next… ? ;-)

We signed up for already 3 races in different countrys in 2016 (Trifecta).

And additionally we signed up for the Spartan Ultra Beast Hawaii in August 2016. This will for sure be one of the craziest and strenuoust challenges for us so far. The Ultra Beast Hawaii will be twice as much as distance, altitude and obstacles as the Beast- that means at least 50km, >3000hm and around 100 obstacles!

Life is all about facing new challenges! :-) AROO!


Spartan Race – What is it?

As many “non-OCR”-people don`t know what Spartan Racing ist, here is a short introduction to what Spartan Races are and what kind of Races there are as well as what this magical “Trifecta” is which we completed in 2015. 🙂 Spartan Race is one of the biggest obstacle course racing companies in the world and offers races of different lengths and…
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Spartan Race (Beast) Tyrol, September 2015

The Beast is the last and biggest part of the Spartan RaceTrifecta. As we all know, the last ones are always the best! In this case it was indeed like that. It was a great final of our first Trifecta in 2015. We started with a huge group of friends in Tyrol and as well spent a great weekend there.…
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Spartan Race (Super) Madrid, May 2015

The Spartan Super is the next step up in your evolution as a Spartan racer. The length of the race is at least 13 km and 21 obstacles. This was the 2nd part of the Trifecta. The race took place at Auditorio Miguel Ríos, which is about half an hour drive by car from Madrid / Spain. This time the…
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Spartan Race (Sprint) Munich, April 2015

The Spartan Sprint is the shortest distance and is perfect for athletes of all levels, from Spartan first timers to seasoned racers. It was the 1st part of our Trifecta. The race has taken place in our hometown in Munich in April. It was Maggy’s first obstacle race, which is of course always even more exciting as you don’t know…
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