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Youareanadventurestory Speedtrail Hochkönigman

Hochkönigman Speedtrail 2017

Same fun, different year: Hochkönigman 2017 When we participated at the Hochkönigman Trailrunning Festival for the first time in 2016, we knew we would definitely return – AND WE DID: In our first year we ran the Marathontrail and had a blast on our very first marathon distance and in 2017 we took the Speedtrail challenge in preparation for our…
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Youarenadventurestory hiking Nationalparks Austria

#wanderlust: Hiking in Austria’s Nationalparks

Nationalparks Austria: Protecting the natural heritage …HIKING: We love it, we do it a lot – and – we do it a lot IN AUSTRIA! 🙂 Not only because the austrian border is so close to Munich, but rather because we simply love Austria in all it`s facets. The food, the people and the lifestyle, but above all the natural…
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