Cima Grande via Normal Route: Adidas TERREX Mountain Project 2017

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Cima Grande: A long term dream!

The Tre Cime di Lavaredo are UNESCO World Heritage site, iconic and worldwide known mountain icon for the Dolomites and a dream for every mountaineer and climber. Since we first saw them in pictures and real live – and twice as much since we visited them together for the first time – the idea of climbing Cima Grande one day was stuck in our heads. For a long time that was not an option because we simply didn`t have any climbing skills. 😛 But eventually we started bouldering and with the preparations for the Adidas Terrex Mountain Project 2017, we were also able to collect our first rock climbing experience at the Sella Towers. With the help of Adidas Terrex and professional climber, Alpinist and mountain guide Michi Wohlleben, who already guided us at the Sella, we want to try to summit Cima Grande. 🙂

Lago Antorno Drei Zinnen
View over Lago Antorno to the Tre Cime di Lavaredo (in clouds)

Our base for climbing Cima Grande is the perfectly located Chalet / Rifugio Lago Antorno, the closest accomodation to the Tre Cime apart from Auronzo and Tre Cime hut. As the weatherforecast is not as good as it could be and predicts rai for 11 MA, we get up at 3 AM. It`s still completely dark and after a 15 minutes drive into the Three Peaks park, we park our car at the emoty car park close to Auronzo hut. We start walking a slow and steady pace, the temperatures are comfortable and with every altitude meter we gain, the sky gets a little lighter. After roughly 30 minutes of hiking approach, we reach the point where Michi decides to rope up.

Although the rating of the first pitches is only 1 to 2, we are from now on a roped party and Michi wouldn`t let us alone.

Climbing Cima Grande Adventure Story you are an
Above the clouds at Cima Grande <3

The perfect climb

We`re not used to climb on a short rope, but the rhythm and movements get better weith every meter. It gets light really quick and slowly the awesome landscape of the Dolomites apperas around us. <3

Michi`s prognosis was just right: No rain, perfect temperatures and only up to 20 knots of wind make the climb through the South Face a great endevaour. The Three Peaks aren`t in clouds, which could`ve been very likely, and we make our way up above the clouds. 🙂

Dolomites Tre Cime sunrise
Misty sunrise in the Dolomites

The climb is never really exhausting and Michi doesn`t rush. Every time he`s leading the next pitch and preparing the belay, we have time to take pictures and enjoy the stunning views.

Große Zinne youareanadventurestory
Making another Adventure Story <3

The most difficult pitches are the later ones, including an almost 20 meters chimney in which you have to stem against slippery walls. The moisture of the mist and rain of the night doesn`t help with that and we have one short moment of shock when Maggy unexpectedly looses grip  – this is the first time we really realize what the rope is for! Thankfully nothing bigger happens and apart from a cut finger, we`re able to proceed to the summit.

About 30 minutes after the chimney, we see the summit cross – after a little less than three hours, 450 meters of climbing and a bloody baby finger later, we`re there: On top of 2999m high Cima Grande! <3 The weather and the views are perfect and the stoke level superhigh!!! 🙂

Michi Wohlleben Youareanadventurestory
Michi “The Palm” Wohlleben + You are an Adventure Story Summit Selfie 😛
Summit cross Cima Grande top
On top of Cima Grande!

We take a short break on the top, but after a few pictures we quickly start our descend back down. Clouds are coming in and we absolutely want to avoid climbing on wet rocks.

Michi would eventually rappel us down in the places with fixed pros, which is fun too. 😉 At exactly 11 AM and a another short breakfast break later, we arrive back at our car – and with us does the rain.

This for sure was the perfect climbing trip: Relatively easy, but not trivial for beginners of rock climbing, with perfect views in a legendary location and with the perfect support of Adidas TERREX and Michi “The Palm” Wohlleben. We`re so happy, but also tired due to the lack of sleep and all the mindblowing impressions. This tour is a 100% recommendation, but make sure you have a local/guide with you as the orientation isn`t trivial at all. For the better climbers there are many different, more challenging routes up Cima Grande too – but the reward stays the same:

Dolomites panorama cime
What a view!

What`s next?

A few years, if not even months ago, we didn`t think that we would ever see the Three Peaks from this point. Thank you so much Adidas TERREX for giving us a reaseon to intensify our climbing skills, to chase a target and to make another dream come true.

TERREX Mountain Project, we`re ready!

Tre Cime di Lavaredo Youareanadventurestory
Another adventure with Adidas Terrex <3

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