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2016 will be a big mountain year for us, as we will try to conquer the Seven European Summits: Mont Blanc, Dufourspitze, Gran Paradiso, Großglockner, Triglav, Vordere Grauspitze, Zugspitze (and maybe as well the Elbrus)

On 1st January ’16 we already stood on Mt. Kilimanjaro, 5895m, highest freestanding mountain in the world, the Roof of Africa and one of the Seven Summits.
–> Find out more about our climb of Mount Kilimanjaro

Here you will find all the peaks and mountains we climb throughout the year – HAVE FUN! :)

Kaiser Max Klettersteig youareanadventurestory

Kaiser-Max-Klettersteig: E – Via Ferrata at Martinswand Innsbruck/Zirl

Kaiser-Max-Klettersteig: At the gates of Innsbruck/Zirl The Kaiser-Max-Klettersteig is a very popular Via Ferrata right at the gates of Innsbruck, more exact at the gates of the little town Zirl and one of the most difficult Ferratas in the Eastern Alps. It leads up the Martinswand, an almost vertical, sometimes overhanging wall at the southern side of the “Kleiner Wandkopf”mountain…
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View Salzburg Berchtesgaden Hochstaufen

Pidinger Klettersteig: D – Via Ferrata at Hochstaufen

Pidinger Klettersteig: A Via Ferrata”classic” The Pidinger Klettersteig is a very popular and well-known, more extreme Via Ferrata leading 1300hm in total up to the summit of the Hochstaufen (1771m), a mountain with panoramique views in the Berchtesgadener Alps. It’s difficulty scales up to D and in some sections it is exposed, but almost everywhere well secured and easily to…
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Pyramidenspitze (1997m)


Youareanadventurestory Pyramidenspitze
On top of Pyramidenspitze (1997m): No reason not to hug the world!
Adventuregirl Osprey hiking
Inaugurating the new Osprey backpack
Youareanadventurestory Via Verrata Adventuregirls

Dalfazer Wasserfall Klettersteig: D-Via Ferrata above Lake Achen

From Buchau to Dalfazer Waterfall The Dalfazer Wasserfall is a 60m high and, especially in spring magnificent, waterfall at the Southern shores of Lake Achen. For the first Via Ferrata in 2016, the Dalfazer Wasserfall Klettersteig seemed to be the perfect choice: With mostly C/D-difficulty, some short D-sections and only 15 minutes approaching/walking time to the entry point, the merely…
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mountainview winter adventuregirl

Trainsjoch (1708m)

Trainsjoch is first in 2016! The first mountain of the season is always something special and it comes unexpected and spontaneous most of the time. 🙂 To hike up the Trainsjoch, a 1708m high peak in the Mangfallgebirge on the German-Austrain boarder, was never really on the list. But after doing some research on which summit we could reach without…
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