Dalfazer Wasserfall Klettersteig: D-Via Ferrata above Lake Achen

Dalfazer Wasserfall Klettersteig Via Ferrata

From Buchau to Dalfazer Waterfall

The Dalfazer Wasserfall is a 60m high and, especially in spring magnificent, waterfall at the Southern shores of Lake Achen. For the first Via Ferrata in 2016, the Dalfazer Wasserfall Klettersteig seemed to be the perfect choice: With mostly C/D-difficulty, some short D-sections and only 15 minutes approaching/walking time to the entry point, the merely three quarters of an hour climb right next to the fall offers spectecular views of both the falls and the Achensee. šŸ™‚

Approach Dalfazer Wasserfall Klettersteig

Buchau is a little district of Maurach at the Achensee and can easily be accessed by car from the through road 181 between the city and the lake. Best park your car at the Kinderhotel Rieser and take the forest road 413 to the Viewing Plattform at the bottom of the Dalfazer Waterfall – you can’t miss it!

Waterfall Austria Girl Hiking
Maggy chasing waterfalls!
Waterfall big Dalfaz spring
Magnificent fall at springtime

Short but sporty Via Ferrata!

The starting point of the Via Ferrata is 2 minutes from the Viewing Plattform and as the weather was quite moddy with some wind blowing from the East that day, we already got wet before starting our climb. šŸ˜‰

Entry Point Dalfazer Wasserfall Klettersteig
Entry Point to the Dalfazer Wasserfall Klettersteig right next to the fall

The Klettersteig itself is really short, but includes some real D-sections which can be wet and slippery when water splashes over it – so be prepared for some sliding, especially in spring when the falls carry a lot of water…

Youareanadventurestory Via Verrata Adventuregirls
First Via Ferrata in 2016 – Dalfazer Wasserfall at Achensee

The great views of Lake Achen and the fall itself made us forget the wet and cold immediately and after just 30 minutes including some stops for photos, we reached the exit.

View Dalfazer Waterfall Via Ferrata Achensee
Awesome views in the upper parts of the Via Ferrata

Sun and a View on the way to Dalfaz Alm

Lucky we were, shortly after we exited the Via Ferrata the sun came out a little and unexpectedly we had a lovely rest overlooking Lake Achen tanning. šŸ™‚

Climbing Girls Via Ferrata You are an Adventure Story
Some sun after the climb šŸ™‚
Lake Achen View beautiful Buchau
View of Lake Achen from above Maurach/Buchau

For the not-so climbing affine folks, you can as well hike barely 4K and 1,5 hours from Maurach to the Dalfaz Alm and meet your friends there. The Dalfaz Hut is open during the summer months, but was closed in April when we were there, so you better check that before.

The Dalfazer Wasserfall Klettersteig is perfect for those who don’t want a long approach/ascent and a short but cool Via Ferrata with the possibility to get great views of the Achensee, cold drinks at a hut and maybe a jump into a freezing mountain lake afterwards – so this is a recommendation for sure! šŸ™‚


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