Canyoning in Kärnten & Osttirol/Eastern Tyrol

Canyoning Kärnten Osttirol

Canyoning: Try something new everyday!

Canyoning was something we both never did before and always wanted to try, but somehow it just didn’t happen…

In May 2016 we spent a weekend in the beautiful city of Lienz in Eastern Tyrol, biking and filming with our friends from Berg im Bild for the Isel-Project”, a movie about a mountain river in Eastern Tyrol. We had some sparetime between the takes and after some phone calls finally decided to start our Canyoning carreer with the Club Aktiv Mölltal! 🙂

Waterfall Canyoning
No more chasing waterfalls…

After a merely 40 minute drive from Lienz to Flattach in the Kärnten-part of the Hohe Tauern Nationalpark, we reached th e CAM headquarters.

We got a short instruction about what we are about to do and met our guide. And after that we already had some issues and start difficulties before the adventurous part itself had actually started… We didn’t get our 7mm Neopren suits on…! 😀

After a lot of pulling and squeezing (and some discussions about different dietary and nutrition plans), we finally managed to close the suits and were ready to go! 🙂

Neopren thick tight
Quite hard to get into the Neoprens 😀

CAM runs two adventure camps: One close to Lienz and the other one in Kärnten (Flattach). We joined a medium to intermediate level trip in the Mölltal area, more precisely in a valley called “Wunzenschlucht”.

Action for the waterproofs!

From the CAM we had to drive for about 20 minutes to the parking lot of the Wunzenschlucht and had to hike up an easy path for another 20 minutes to reach the starting point of the Canyoning tour.

On the way up we were introduced to all the safety and abseiling techniques and felt fine, safe and ready to go when we reached the top of the falls.

You are an adventure story Canyoning
Try something new every day!

One thing we learned really quickly: For Canyoning, one should be WATERPROOF and cold-resistant! 🙂

The mountain river passing through the valley was freezing and running fast and next to the abseiling, there were also some “waterslides” which made you dip completely into the natural pools at the bottom of them. Sounded somehow terrifying at the beginning, but was reaaally funny!

Canyoning Waterfall Kärnten
Perfect Canyoning Shot! 🙂

We had to cover 13 waterfalls and 2 waterslides till we came to the last and tallest one, a 35m high fall at the bottom of the valley. As we were already used to the technical skills, it was great fun to jump and bounce down the long drop. 🙂

Youareanadventurestory Canyoning

Action’n’relax: The perfect combination!

After a little bit of over 4 hours sliding, slipping, swimming and abseiling, we were happy to go for another, slightly different swim – one in the hotel pool of our great hotel Grandhotel Lienz! This truly is the best hotel in Lienz and we were sooooo happy that we were able to stay here – we can completely recommend this place and it will also be in the Isel-movie! Give it a look! 😉

youareanadventurestory Lienz
@ Grandhotel Lienz

Canyoning is a great outdoor activity, even for people who aren’t 100% fit. There are different levels of difficulty and hikes to the starting points are often not too long. Sometimes there is even the possibility to be dropped by a shuttle at the top of the falls. So whoever is up for some adrenalin-adventure, can find it here. HAVE FUN TRYING!

We also took a nice little video which you can find on our YOUTUBE-Channel, have fun watching:

In friendly cooperation with Club Aktiv Mölltal and Grandhotel Lienz. More information: and – thank you!

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