Month: December 2015


Who are we?

YOU ARE AN ADVENTURE STORY are Magdalena and Anja, two like-minded Bavarian girls from Munich who decided to follow their dreams and adventure the world together. We are both ordinary, regularly working people with random jobs and want to inspire and encourage “normal” people to live an active and precious life and to go out there and chase their dreams!

“Maybe it`s not about the happy ending, maybe it`s about the journey!””

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Spartan Race (Sprint) Munich, April 2015

The Spartan Sprint is the shortest distance and is perfect for athletes of all levels, from Spartan first timers to seasoned racers. It was the 1st part of our Trifecta. The race has taken place in our hometown in Munich in April. It was Maggy’s first obstacle race, which is of course always even more exciting as you don’t know…
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Spartan Race – What is it?

As many “non-OCR”-people don`t know what Spartan Racing ist, here is a short introduction to what Spartan Races are and what kind of Races there are as well as what this magical “Trifecta” is which we completed in 2015. 🙂 Spartan Race is one of the biggest obstacle course racing companies in the world and offers races of different lengths and…
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