Spartan Race (Super) Madrid, May 2015

The Spartan Super is the next step up in your evolution as a Spartan racer. The length of the race is at least 13 km and 21 obstacles. This was the 2nd part of the Trifecta. The race took place at Auditorio Miguel Ríos, which is about half an hour drive by car from Madrid / Spain. This time the weather conditions were completely different.It was already summer in Spain and the temperatures were high. Additionally we knew, it will be twice the distance, so we decided to run with a slower and comfortable, but steady pace.

In Spain it’s apparently unusual that women are SPARTANS as well. 🙂 Means we were mainly surrounded by men. It was quite a dusty trail up and down the hills, through a beautiful landscape. Since we’ve started in a smooth pace, we made our way successful through the eventually 14km and about 25 obstacles and arrived after the fire jump obstacle with a big smile on our faces at the finish line. This time the ice cold water hose was a great and welcome refreshment.:) We were proud of ourselves that we managed this race without any struggling and did a great teamwork again.

Guess what we did, when we arrived in Munich: We signed up for the Spartan Beast Race in Tyrol! 🙂

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