Color Obstacle Rush Munich 2016

Color Obstacle Rush Munich

Color Obstacle Rush: A colorful funrun!

When we heard that 2016 a new obstacle race series is coming to Germany, our ears perked up!

We have attended a lot of Obstacle Racing and Running Events so far, but the Color Obstacle Rush seemed to be something special: A 5k funrun event, where the obctacles are all inflatable and with different “color stations” on the course, where Holi powder is thrown at the runners. We decided to sign up! 🙂

You are an adventure story
Adventuregirls go Color Obstacle Rush

The Color Obstacle Rush (COR) actually was founded in Finland in 2014 and the first event in Germany took place on Sunday the 3rd of April 2016 at the “Galopprennbahn” in Munich / Riem.

When we arrived at the event area, plenty of “colorful people” crossed our way already. Some of them were dressed up with fancy costumes and we enjoyed an amusing atmosphere. To avoid queuing at some of the obstacles you need to sign up for a start group/heat (every 30 minutes) to keep things flowing smoothly.

At the registration we got our Color Obstacle Rush t-shirt and headband and prepared ourselves for the race.

Perfect April-conditions 🙂

Once you have crossed the starting line, there was already someone waiting to attack the runners with colored powder. 🙂

Along a stretch of 5km we made our way through 15 obstacles.

Ball pit Color Rush
Big Ball Pit!

We soon found out that although it is a running event, you don’t have to run. Basically nobody was running and the slogan “funrun event” was clearly visible. 😉 The course is designed to be fun rather than sportive challenging and therefore really everybody can participate. Obstacles like a ball pit, an inflatable slide, space hopper racing and plenty more which were doable for most. You can also skip obstacles though. Without any punishment – having fun is top priority. 🙂

Medal and celebrations

Once you have passed the last obstacle, there are people handing over a medal to everyone as well as some more color powder to spread and have a colorful after-race celebration with music and dancing!

It is also fun to spread color powder onto people who are still queuing for a later start group… 😉

Holi Color Rush
Holi Festival feeling!

To make the world a colorful place and have fun, that’s all that matters at this event!

We also took a nice little video which you can find on our brand new YOUTUBE-Channel, have fun watching:

The COR is coming to more and more countries and is scheduled for five cities in Germany in 2016. Check out if the Color Obstacle Rush Tour Germany is coming to your city and if so, register! 🙂

Color Obstacle Rush
Perfect weather and location for the first Color Obstacle Rush in Germany

In friendly cooperation with Color Obstacle Rush. More information: – thank you!

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