Yoga at Sport Schuster Studio Munich

Yoga Sport Schuster Studio

First try: YOGA


We are more than happy, that we are now cooperating with Sport Schuster!

From now on you can follow our adventures on their Blog as well, where we will report about our mountain- and sportadventures, test different sports and give monthly matching outfits tipps.

As one of our biggest mottos is “Try something new everday!”, we didn’t say no to YOGA! 🙂

Yoga adventuregirls
First steps of Yoga @ Schuster Studio / Hofstatt Munich

The Yoga Sessions of Sport Schuster and body + soul take part three times a week in the Schuster Studio at Hofstatt Munich. They are for now scheduled till the end of June and you can apply online by sending an E-Mail or directly in store.

Both absolute Yoga Newbies, we tried our first steps at a Vinyasa Flow Yoga class. 🙂

Yoga Sessions Hoftstatt Schuster
Yoga Session by body + soul and Sport Schuster

On the “Vinyasa Flow”

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a dynamic style of yoga, where the transition between the different “Asanas” or positions is fluently. Breath and movements are linked together and you try to get into the postures and out as smooth as possible.

We were by far the most inexperienced participants (as we actually never did Yoga before…), but under the guidance of trainer Susanne Hermann, a well-known Yoga teacher from body + soul Munich, even we were able to do some easier poses. 🙂

Body Soul Yoga Schuster
Talking to the very experienced Yoga teacher Susanne Hermann (Body & Soul Munich)

Basic yoga poses were for example the “Downward-Facing Dog”, the “Warrior I-III” and the “Cobra”. We learned that a main task is to get your limbs solid to the ground to hold your balance and to focus on your inhale-exhalre rhythm.

Yoga Sport Schuster
Anja trying to find inner peace 🙂

Sweaty, but comfy!

Yoga is very often told to be “not exhausting, easy or for faint-hearted”.


Even we are quite fit people we would say, we were sweating and breathing heavily after minutes. To hold poses you are not used to is harder than one thinks in the beginning! Thankfully Sport Schuster is able to equip everybody for their first Yoga steps. 🙂 We chose a mix of different brands for our outfits, mainly focusing on the feeling of the fabrics and the comfort and fit, which you can find HERE. For sure the colors had to fit together as well. 😉

All in all we had a lot of fun doing Yoga – and afterwards our muscles were actually a little sore, which we would’ve never expected! 🙂 Yoga clothes are maybe the most comfortable in the world of sport and though we are more of the action and outdoor kind, Yoga seems to be a good compensation sport! It is a mixture of strength and flexibility training, which is often missed-out on. Thanks for an hour of “ME-TIME”, Yoga! 🙂

Schuster Hofstatt Yoga youareanadventurestory
Yogini shopping paradise: Sport Schuster Studio

In friendly cooperation with Sport Schuster – thank you!

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