Mountain Athletics: The North Face Outdoor Training in Munich

Mountain Athletics Opening Event in Munich

When we heard that The North Face was launching a free weekly outdoor training especially designed for mountaineers and alpinists, we didn’t think twice. This App-supported workout program seemed to be the perfect preparation for one of our big projects in 2016, the Seven European Summits. On Monday the 7th of March 2016, the first “Mountain Athletics” session under the name #neverstopmunich took place – and we were part of it! 🙂

train outdoor goals
Our outdoor goal for 2016 – the Seven European Summits!

We met in the North Face Store in Munich and after a short introduction giving us an idea about Mountain Athletics, we got to know the trainer and the almost 50 other attendants. It was a mixed group of people across all fitness levels and, as we found out later, different goals for the “Mountain Year 2016”.

We started with a warm-up run through the city centre – and our big group quickly got attention. Many people clapped at us and some were even filming and took pictures. 🙂 After passing the Marienplatz, Odeonsplatz and Hofgarten, we reached our final destination: a meadow in the southern part of the English Garden, close to the Haus der Kunst.

running Hofgarten munich
On our way running through the Hofgarten

Workout in the park!

Standing in three lines, we had to do a variety of bodyweight exercises. From planks, squats and push-ups to jumps, spider crawls and lunges, every bodypart had something to do. As the description of Mountain Athletics already vaguely percepts, it is an OUTDOOR workout!… We all got dirty, but isn’t that half of the fun being outside? 😉

outdoor training mountains
Reaching up high while training for the mountains 🙂

The exercises were followed by a nice little partner/group workout and our trainer kept us motivated although it got dark and cold. Anyway the team spirit was great! Even there were so many strangers gathering, it was easy to get in touch with everybody.

north face Mountain Athletics
First Mountain Athletics training session in Munich, powered by The North Face

Cool-down, bananas and more

After running back to the store, we did a funny group stretching/cool-down. By building a big(!) circle and holding on to each other while doing the exercises, we not only had to keep our own balance, but also tare the two people next to us. The atmosphere was great and we had almost forgotten about the mud and dirt. 🙂

north face munich training
How about a group cool-down? 🙂

Being quite exhausted, The North Face rewarded us with some bananas, cereal bars and water back in the store.

After taking part in the Opening Event of Mountain Athletics and the fact that we already attended different other running groups in Munich, we can say that this one exactly fits our needs! It is the perfect combination of endurance and full-body strength training and therefore an awesome preparation for our Seven European Summits 2016 project!

We will definitely attend the next sessions – and if anybody wants to join us: We meet every Monday at 6 pm in front of The North Face Store Munich in Sendlinger Street 11.

There is a free Mountains Athletics App for training on your own as well, which we will test the next weeks. We will let you know what we think! 🙂

See you on Monday!!!

#itrainfor #neverstopexploring #neverstopmunich

athletic girl munich
Maggy feeling hot after the workout 🙂

Photocredits: Sandra Steh

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