Skiing in Kitzbühel: A prime ski destination

Kitzbühel Skifahren skiing

Kitzbühel: One of the best ski resorts in the world!

Kitzbühel is a beautiful austrian mountain city located in the Kitzbühel Alps in the Eastern party of Tyrol. It’s well-known all over the world as one of the prime ski destinations and its close proximity to Munich and Innsbruck makes it also a common weekend getaway for people from Southern Germany and Austria in both, summer and winter. Every year the famous ski race Hahnenkammrennen takes place here on the steep and challenging slope “Streif” and there is a broad variety of luxury accomodations and Après-Ski locations to choose from.

During our Learn-how-to-ski-process, we had the pleasure to explore this superb ski destination on a picture-perfect weekend – and here is what we found 🙂 :

Kitzski skiing winter slopes
A perfect ski weekend in Kitzbühel!

Never ending perfect slopes and the first black piste…

Almost 180 kilometres of slopes and over 50 cable cars are the perfect base for a good time on skis. We arrive in Kitzbühel at the beginning of the season and in the valley it’s still green and warm. But further up the snowfall of the last night coloured the mountain tops in a welcoming white. 🙂

slopes Kitzski Pisten
Perfect slopes @ KitzSki resort

We are a bit suspicious about the snow conditions, but as soon as we get out of the Hahnenkamm-lift and enter the grounds of KitzSki resort, all concerns are gone: The snow is soft and grippy and for us skiing beginners the cushioning effect is priceless. 😉

Since we always try to challenge ourselves, it is not surprising that we soon get lost in the resort and find ourselves on top of one of the steepest slopes in the Alps, the 38 or “Direttissima” with up to 70% gradient. We fortunately don’t fall on the way down – quite the contrary: It is fun! 🙂

You are an adventure story ski Kitzbühel
Skiing adventure in Kitzbühel is on!

Sunset skiing & wellness 🙂

After a short lunchbreak we hurry up to ski as much as possible ’till the sun sets way to early. Even in the evening it is still warm and the snow is still good, so we decide to not take the last lift down, but rather to ski the long downhill valley run – and it was the perfect decision!

The sunset views during the last downhill are incredible and we stop multiple times to take pictures. 🙂

Back in the city we are all smiling and happy, but also tired and our muscles kindly remind us of the long day on skis. Thankfully we’re staying in a very comfy and lovely place. Hotel Rasmushof, located right at the finish line of the Hahnenkamm race and therefore directly at the end of the downhill valley run, welcomes us with good food and relaxing wellness opportunities – LIFE IS GOOD!

Imagine this whole story twice and you get an idea how our weekend was… 😉

Kitzbühel and the beauty of the surrounding mountains is great and the huge comfort in getting there, staying there and getting there around is a major plus for this skiing destination.

Thanks Kitzbühel, it was a pleasure and we bet we will be back soon!

You are an Adventure Story skiing Kitzbühel
Beautiful view over Kitzbühel: BYE-BYE beauty <3

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